How to get over your fatigue and overwhelm stuckness

As a Holistic Business Coach for women entrepreneurs, over and again the theme of fatigue and overwhelm comes up.

Even with my most ambitious successful go-getters and the consistent doers, they too suffer from moments of dream creation fatigue and decision overwhelm.

I do too.

In fact, Level I The Centering Experience was birthed as a result of my own fatigue and sometimes helplessness.

It’s a natural consequence of being an entrepreneur, constantly thinking up new or powerful ways to serve your clients, generate enough income, and realize some of your most ambitious goals, all while being there for your clients, yourself, your family and others. It can get … exhausting, and often, misaligned or stagnant.

That’s why I’m excited to share this space with you to help you achieve mental homeostasis as a way of reaching your goals.😍

This is especially important in this season and with some days left on the calendar to hit your year’s business goals.

Here’s the link to my free video resource for women entrepreneurs to center and connect deeply with their dreams:



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Julia Katsivo Carter

Founder of Successful & Smart Business Coaching. I help women entrepreneurs create mental space to execute powerful decisions❤️