What’s happening when you struggle

Julia Katsivo Carter
2 min readNov 29, 2021

Something useful to consider as you start your days

I decided to float on the sea when I was vacationing because it was so calm. I wanted to feel the effortlessness of it — it gives me true breaks.

Two minutes in (even though it felt longer) and I started to wonder how far I’d floated out. I raised my head and immediately saw I was okay. I could see the markers and my husband not too far off.

But another thought occurred, one that said, “What if the sea decides to take us away.” And then I panicked and started to swim back to shore. It was laborious and like some horror movie, I kept imagining the water was fighting me and pulling me back. The waves were strong.

Immediately, I calmed myself by going back to my initial thought and the feeling — “being in the water is effortless, I can stop fighting.” And so I did.

And calmly swam back to shore, all the while feeling the aftermath of that brief struggle. Tired.

I sat on the shore and let the waves pound at my legs and feet soaking away the pure exhaustion of it. Grateful for the image now imprinted to remind me of when I’m struggling.

It’s a choice. It may be hard to follow but really it’s not. A choice at any given time of how you’d like the experience to be. Making a quick decision. And then unlike me in the sea, don’t give in to negative thoughts and panic. That’s an invitation to struggle.

So before you start your day, decide on some key feelings and what action you’re willing to take. Then let it play.

Julia Katsivo Carter

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