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14 min readApr 27, 2021


When a saviour doesn’t show up to drop you clients and money (how to save yourself so you can make the world a better place)

Did you know that future visioning, introspective questions and reflection will grow your business faster than focusing on your results ever will while leaving you fulfilled and feeling supported?

This activity helps you avoid fear and overwhelm which are significant dream killers and action inhibitors because you’re not connected to your bigger reasons and future impact.

Makes sense, if you think about your daily concerns. When you’re busy trying to figure out how to monetize this thing you love and how to create more room, time and energy for yourself — it can feel overwhelming. It may appear to be a privilege you don’t have and can only hope for one day.

This is an example of current state imaging. Where your thoughts and actions are consumed with the day-to-day. The mental pictures that play in your head are not inspiring, illuminating or motivating. It’s all about that thing you must check off, that client you must get, the emails to go through and the healthy food plan gathering dust on your desk.

When potential clients come to me in this state, the first thing we work on is changing their current state. Placing them in the future they desire and deserve and then allowing the thoughts and actions that arise from this place.

I’ll tell you why this is important for you to know. When you dream and plan from a space that is airy and abundant, you are not limited in the ways you can make your dreams come true.

In fact, you realize that all you could ever possibly need is right there with you. Inside and around you. It’s like taking in a big breath of fresh air and realizing you’ve been locked up in a closet working your dream when you could have been seated outside where the birds are chirping and there is a cool breeze.

You realize that when you’re in the closet mapping out your plans, it doesn’t look or feel the same as when you’re planning them outside where there are no limits, all is possible and there is room for all — including your big plans and dreams. That’s what creating and acting out of future visioning brings.

In working with hundreds of entrepreneurs over the last six years, I’ve discovered that while many women entrepreneurs and creatives know how to dream and plan for their dreams, they…



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